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Setting up your transmitter

This page is a chapter in 'Setup and Calibration'

The next step is to calibrate your transmitter. Before starting the calibration, make sure that your receiver is bound to your transmitter and the transmitter is set to it's default settings.

It can either be in Airplane or Helicopter mode, but make sure that all channels are working independently from each other. This will most likely be the case in airplane/glider mode on most transmitters.

Verify that:
  • ESCs and motors are disconnected from power!
  • Trims and subtrims are zero.
  • End Point Adjustment (EPA) are 100%.

If you've prepared everything correct, it's time to calibrate your transmitter:
  1. At first, power up your receiver and your transmitter and establish a connection with the AeroQaud configurator between your flight control board and your computer.
  2. Then select "Initial Setup" in the upper fly-out and click on the “Initialize EEPROM” icon. This will write default values for PIDs and all the other factors into the EEPROM memory.
  3. Next, click on "Transmitter Calibration" which restores the default values for the transmitter calibration and starts the calibration wizard afterwards. This may take a few seconds.

  4. Follow the instructions in the upcoming text boxes. When the blue dots appear, please move all transmitter sticks and switches to their minimum and maximum positions.
  5. Once you've done that, click on "OK" and wait for the calibration data to be stored in the EEPROM. This may take a few seconds.

After completing the transmitter calibration you might notice strange values in the PID fly-out on the right side. These are the calibration values which are accidentally shown there. Do not upload them to your AeroQuad! Just disconnect and connect again, now the correct values are displayed again.

After that, verify if the calibration has been performed correctly by looking at the "Vehicle Status" screen of the configurator. If moving your transmitter's sticks results in moving the channels in the inverse direction, you'll have to change the moving direction of this channels in your transmitter's menu.
Additionally make sure that all channel values travel between 1000 (minimum) and 2000 (maximum) with a middle position of 1500. If that's not the case, try re-running the calibration or adjust the EPAs and trims of your transmitter.

If you own a Turnigy 9X, you may head over to its dedicated page to get specific information about how to set it up.


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