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Hardware Compatibility Matrix

Check out the matrix below to compare the different options available based on the microcontroller and shield chosen.

Hardware Platforms
AeroQuad32 aka. BalooArduino Mega 2560 & v2.1 ShieldArduino Uno & v1.9 ShieldArduino Pro Mini & v1.0 Mini Shield
Hardware features
3-axis gyroYYYY
3-axis accelYYYY
3-axis magYYN/AN/A
Range FinderOptionalOptionalN/AN/A
Battery MonitorYYYY
External LED driver4OptionalN/AN/A
Wireless Telemetry 1YYN/AN/A
Wireless Configurator 1YYYN/A
Flight characteristics
Tri/Quad/Hexa configurationYYYY 2
Octo configurationYYN/AN/A
Rate Mode/Attitude Mode 3YYYY
Programmable Functions
Altitude Hold 3YYN/AN/A
Heading HoldYYYY
GPS Position Hold/Waypoint Navigation/Coming Home 3Under developmentUnder developmentN/AN/A
On-Screen-Display (OSD)YYN/AN/A

1 = requires XBee or similar wireless modules both at the copter and the ground station (AeroQuad store)
2 = only available when using a PPM sum receiver
3 = requires additional channel on your transmitter

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