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Configuring and uploading the AeroQuad flight software

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The first step towards flying your now built AeroQuad is to download the latest AeroQuad flight software and Configurator, configure the features you want to use, and upload it to your flight control board.

The following documents will take you through this process step-by-step depending on the flight control processor you are using.

The AeroQuad software is designed such that if you've uploaded the flight software and calibrated your sensors/receiver/etc., you do not need to calibrate again except in a few cases. The calibrations are all stored in the EEPROM of the microprocessor (all Arduinos and the AeroQuad32 boards have EEPROM built in) and will remain there forever until the EEPROM is changed. The EEPROM will only change if you:
  1. Upload a different software to your flight controller that uses EEPROM as well,
  2. Click the "Initialize EEPROM" button in Configurator, or
  3. Upload a different version of the AeroQuad software. Different versions use different values in the EEPROM and the software is designed to reset the EEPROM if the current version is different than what is stored in EEPROM.
If you have not done any of these things, you will not need to recalibrate upon uploading code again. This means that if you're just changing minor things in the code (let's say you've added a barometer and wish to enable it in the code, or you've adjusted the speed of the servos for your gimbal), you do not need to recalibrate.


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