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Calibrating the sensors

This page is a chapter in 'Setup and Calibration'

These next steps are critical to ensure the correct operation of the copter. Once again, still DO NOT install the propellers yet.

  • Connect the now wired up AeroQuad to the Configurator on the PC. If connection does not work, check if you have selected the right port and baud rate or skip to our Troubleshooting Guide.

  • Now perform the sensor calibrations by clicking on the corresponding button and following the displayed steps.
  • When performing the gyroscope calibration, ensure that your copter is kept still.
  • When performing the accelerometer calibration make sure to follow the instructions and hold your AeroQuad in the depicted positions.
  • If you also own a magnetometer be sure to shield it from electro-magnetic fields (e.g. produced by your power distribution) and perform the calibration by rotating your AeroQuad around all axes a few times.
  • Verify the correct operation of the sensors by watching the "3-D View" in the upper fly-out.
  • Next, follow the 13 steps of the Pre-Flight Checkout List below.

After completing the magnetometer calibration you might notice strange values in the PID fly-out on the right side. These are the calibration values which are accidentally shown there. Do not upload them to your AeroQuad! Just disconnect and connect again, now the correct values are displayed again.

The Pre-Flight Checkout list (follow carefully)

Follow these steps carefully. It is very easy to damage yourself and others: Pre-Flight Checkout List

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