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Calibrating the ESCs

This page is a chapter in 'Setup and Calibration'

After making sure that the radio system is working properly, it is now time to calibrate the ESCs. The calibration is basically teaching the ESC the range of thrust (lowest and highest power to give the motors so to say). It will assure equal motor startup later on.

Calibrating each ESC individually

The ESC calibration must be done using the same radio system that will be used on the multirotor and done individually for each ESC. To do the calibration, e.g. on the recommended Turnigy Plush ESCs, follow the given steps (these are also provided in the ESC instruction manual):
  1. Connect the ESC to the throttle channel of the receiver. Have a motor connected to the ESC as the motor will provide beeps necessary to hear the calibration steps. DO NOT attach the propeller or anything else to the motor; simply have the motor connected to the ESC.
  2. Turn on the radio and put the throttle stick to maximum position.
  3. Now connect the ESC to the battery.
  4. The motor should beep a 1 2 3 beep followed by two short beeps. Immediately after the two short beeps, put the throttle stick down all the way, the motors should make 3 short beeps (representing the 3 cells of the battery) and then finally make a 1 long beep, indicating that the throttle range has been set (calibrated).

Calibrating all ESCs together

There is also a second method for calibration of the ESCs which is only tested for Turnigy ESCs, but probably works for other ESC brands.

Launch the AeroQuad Configurator, connect to your flight controller board by choosing the correct COM port and baud rate (default is 115200), navigate to the "Initial Setup" screen in the upper fly-out and click on "Electronic Speed Controller Calibration". By using this, it is possible to calibrate all ESCs together. This calibration process is for the Turnigy ESC's only. This may work with other ESC's, consult the manufacturer's manual. Follow the instructions provided in the Configurator. Using the ESC calibration feature of the Configurator is potentially dangerous unless all the steps are read and followed carefully. Once again, DO NOT have the propellers installed yet.


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