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This page is a chapter in 'Arduino Uploading the AeroQuad flight software'

This chapter will provide you information about how to customize the flight software to your needs and how to upload these to your flight controller board using the AeroQuad Uploader.

  1. Open the AeroQuad Configurator, navigate to the "Initial Setup" screen in the upper fly-out and click on the "Upload AeroQuad Flight Software" button.

  2. If this is the first time, you will be prompted to specify the location of your Arduino IDE folder and your previously unzipped AeroQuad software folder.

  3. Now choose the appropriate flight controller board in the upper-left corner and the desired flight configuration by clicking on the picture.
  4. In the next step mark the appropriate flight options on the right side. You will notice a descriptive text of each function if you click on it.
  5. Lastly you have to select the COM port to which your AeroQuad is connected to.
  6. Now you are ready to upload the software. Click on the "Upload" button. A window will pop up which asks you to perform a check whether the right COM port is selected or not. After pressing "Test" the green LED on the AeroQuad shield should blink a few times. If that's not the case, select "Choose different port" and check if you selected the wrong one. Otherwise click on "Yes".
  7. After pressing "Yes" the compilation and upload of the software to the Arduino is started. After a while a window should appear which says "Uploading done". Then press any key to close this window and press "Done" which will automatically connect your AeroQuad to the Configurator.
Change your default upload settings
If you upload the flight software often you have the possibility to change the default settings, so you don't have to change the settings every time you want to upload the software to your AeroQuad.
To set those default settings you first need to find where your AeroQuad Configurator has been installed. If you have trouble finding the directory, right click on your "AeroQuadConfigurator.exe" and press "Properties". A new window will pop up and at the line "Target" you can see where the software is installed.

Navigate to the folder, there you will find another folder with the name "Support". Open this folder where you will find some other files. The file we need to address is named "AeroQuadUploader.ini" which can be opened with Notepad or the standard Windows Editor for example.
If you do something not correctly you can damage the program or upload status. It is your own responsibility, so make a copy before attempting to change anything.

Open the file, you'll see something like this:

If you look at the section: [Default Flight Options] you will see the default options that are selected when you open the Uploader.
To be sure the option you want is possible for your AeroQuad type you first need to take a look at the section: [Valid Flight Options]. Don't use an option if it's not supported!

For example:

If you have the v2 shield together with an Arduino Mega 2560 and want to use GPS, Heading Hold, Altitude Hold (barometer), Battery Monitor, 6 channel standard receiver, OSD (Pal, etc.) it will look like this:

AeroQuadMega_v2 = UseGPS,HeadingMagHold,AltitudeHoldBaro,BattMonitor,LASTCHANNEL 6,OSD,PAL,ShowAttitudeIndicator,ShowRSSI
At the section [Flight Options] you can find all options that are available, use the word for the = sine. To be safe you can copy the word and place it at the correct line in the [Default Flight Options] section. Separate each option with a "," without ANY spaces.

Make sure you have a backup file in case you screw it up.
After your are satisfied with the functions you can save the file and start the Uploader. If everything went well you will see your default options selected.

the compilation and upload of the software to the Arduino is started. After a while a window should appear which says

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