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  1. Arduino
  2. Establishing a connection between your computer and the flight controller board

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If you already have experience with Arduino, you may skip this part! Otherwise, if you are completely unfamiliar with the Arduino, this short part of the tutorial should provide information on how to build up a connection between the computer (Windows) and the Arduino. A more detailed explanation of this process (also for Linux and Mac) can be found here.

Arduino-PC interface

  1. Connect the Arduino Duemlianove/Uno or Mega to the PC through the USB A-to-B cable. The USB provides power to the Arduino automatically and thus an external power is not required, but can be connected anyway.
    If you are using the Arduino Pro Mini, attach the FTDI Basic Breakout to the Pro Mini as shown in the picture below and connect it with the USB MiniB Cable to your computer.

  2. If you are connecting the Arduino to your computer for the first time, you are required to install the appropriate drivers via the Windows device manager. The drivers (.inf) can be found in your unzipped Arduino IDE folder (for Uno/Mega: "...\arduino-1.0\drivers" or for Pro Mini: "...\arduino-1.0\drivers\FTDI USB Drivers").

  3. Now open the Arduino IDE and then the Blink tutorial (IDE v1.0 shown) through File » Examples » Basics » Blink.

  4. Select the correct Arduino board through Tools » Board » Your board type (the latest IDE version should have support for all the latest Arduino boards).

  5. Select the correct USB serial port through Tools » Serial Port.
    If the right com port doesn't show up, make sure you have successfully installed the drivers for the Arduino by checking the Windows device manager.
    If uploading fails, then the wrong serial port (USB) was selected. Select another one if this message pops up during upload:

  6. Upload the Blink sketch (code) to the Arduino. Upon a successful upload, the message below should show “Done Uploading”.

  7. The Blink tutorial sketch makes the LED next to digital pin 13 on the Arduino blink in a loop, one second at a time by default. Congratulations, you’ve uploaded your first sketch to the Arduino.


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