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  1. Arduino
  2. Downloading the required software

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The first thing you will need to do is downloading the latest versions of the flight software, the Configurator and the Arduino IDE.


  • Arduino IDE
    Download the Arduino IDE for your operating system. The latest suitable version is v1.0.6 released September 16th, 2014 (release notes). The Arduino IDE is an environment for developing and editing code, including the AeroQuad code. The IDE package should come with the necessary USB drivers.

    Don't use Arduino IDE v1.6.x as the AeroQuad software is not compatible with this version at the moment!

  • AeroQuad Flight Software
    Download the latest AeroQuad code. The AeroQuad code is the code which controls your copter. It is uploaded into the Arduino through the AeroQuad Configurator or for advanced users via the Arduino IDE. More information regarding the software is available at this dedicated page.

  • AeroQuad Configurator
    Download the latest AeroQuad Configurator (available for Windows and Mac). The Configurator is a very useful tool when configuring and troubleshooting your AeroQuad. It allows you to upload the software directly to your Arduino and has displays and commands for motors commands, sensor outputs, PID settings, transmitter/ESC calibration, and much more. Install the Configurator. More information regarding the Configurator is available at this dedicated page.


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