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AeroQuad Typhoon Frame

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AeroQuad Typhoon Frame Build Instructions

Welcome to the build instructions for the AeroQuad Typhoon frame kit. This is a lightweight aluminum frame designed to be user configurable for whatever mission you want need your AeroQuad to accomplish! Nevertheless it is a tough frame that can take a beating AND it looks good at the same time

Also, this frame is highly configurable. You can keep it as light as possible for acrobatic flying, or if you want to use it for FPV a special FPV frame plate is available in the AeroQuad store to mount your video equipment.

What is included?

Naked kit:
  • 1x Arm mounting plate
  • 1x Flight control board mounting plate (supports standard 45mm mount holes and all AeroQuad boards)
  • 2x Battery/Landing feet
  • 4x Motor Arms
  • Bag with miscellaneous components (nuts/bolts etc..)

ARF Kit:
  • 1x Naked Typhoon Frame Kit + 1x AeroQuad logo top plate
  • 1x AeroQuad 32 board
  • 4x A2212-13 motors
  • 4x ESC 18A
  • 6x Propeller (3x CW + 3x CCW)
  • 1x wire harness

The ARF kit requires some soldering and a full assembly, as noted in the tutorial below. You will need to provide your own transmitter, receiver, and battery as well.

Unboxing video showing the Typhoon ARF kit and optional plates:

Tested configurations

14:00 typical flight time with the following components:
  • A2212 motors
  • 10x3.8" propellers
  • 4000mAh 20C 3S LiPo battery

10:00 typical flight time with the following components:
  • A2212 motors
  • 10x3.8" propellers
  • 4000mAh 20C 3S LiPo battery
  • FPV plate with GoPro and VTX

Please understand that multicopters can be very dangerous if not treated and flown with great care and common sense. Serious bodily injury can occur if contact is made with the spinning propellers. During your build and when testing only install the propellers when the flight control board has been fully bench checked with the Configurator. Please observe extreme care, caution and common sense when flying your AeroQuad. Always fly in wide open areas, away from crowds and preferably at an AMA (Academy of Model Aircraft) sanctioned flying area. By building an AeroQuad you agree that Carancho Engineering LLC and the AeroQuad open source project shall not be held responsible for any property damage or physical injury.

Assembly Instructions

This document will outline the required steps to build up your AeroQuad Typhoon frame.

For more information and help with this kit please join us on AeroQuad.com and ask your questions on the forums or the IRC #aeroquad chat room.

For information on flight configurations and which motor/arm goes where, see the Flight Configurations page. The AeroQuad Typhoon ARF kit comes with software for QuadX pre-uploaded, connect your motors to your ESCs according to this unless you intend to change the flight configuration.

Pictured below are the four arms connecting the AeroQuad motors to the main plate.

Starting with the small arm plates, mount the motors on the arms with the longer screws included in the kit.

Insert the small nylon standoffs in the holes around the motor and the two along the small part of the arm. These will help to secure the arm plate with the motor attached to the main arm assembly.

In the next step, mount the ESCs into the arms with double sided tape or zip ties. Connect them afterwards to the motors. Before locking everything into place, test which way each motor spins. You should have two (2) spinning clockwise and two (2) spinning counterclockwise. If you don't, swap two of the wires between the motor and ESC to reverse that motors direction.

Quick ESC Soldering tip:

ESC Mounting in the arms:

Finishing mounting motors into the arms:

Now insert the longer nylon standoffs into the arms to strengthen the arm assembly. This will also help to keep the ESCs in the arms by running the ESCs wires under the nylon standoffs.

Mount the small motor mounting plate to the larger arms and tighten it:

Using the small aluminum standoffs mount the completed arms to the main arm mounting plate. (mount the threads UP to the top flight controller plate):

Now mount the flight controller to the flight controller plate:

Afterwards attach the flight controller plate to the arm assembly:

The last step is to install the landing gear:

Congratulations, you've successfully assembled your AeroQuad Typhoon Frame!

Plate names

Camera Mounting Plate Accessory PlateTop Protective Plate Flight Controller Plate
Flight Controller Plate


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