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AeroQuad Hurricane Frame

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AeroQuad Hurricane Frame Build Instructions

Welcome to the build instructions for the AeroQuad Hurricane frame kit. The corresponding discussion thread can be found in our forum.

Please understand that multicopters can be very dangerous if not treated and flown with great care and common sense. Serious bodily injury can occur if contact is made with the spinning propellers. During your build and when testing only install the propellers when the flight control board has been fully bench checked with the Configurator. Please observe extreme care, caution and common sense when flying your AeroQuad. Always fly in wide open areas, away from crowds and preferably at an AMA (Academy of Model Aircraft) sanctioned flying area. By building an AeroQuad you agree that Carancho Engineering LLC and the AeroQuad open source project shall not be held responsible for any property damage or physical injury.

Assembly Instructions

This document will outline the required steps to build up your AeroQuad Hurricane frame.

For more information and help with this kit please join us on AeroQuad.com and ask your questions on the forums or the IRC #aeroquad chat room.

For information on flight configurations and which motor/arm goes where, see the Flight Configurations page.


Un Bag

Fit Check

Mounting the flight controller

Motor Mounts

Arm/Leg Build

Flight configuration options

ESC Soldering Tips

Final step: Mounting frame Body to legs/arms

Congratulations, you've successfully assembled your AeroQuad Hurricane Frame!

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