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The AeroQuad software is not maintained actively anymore! The AeroQuad32 boards are supported by other more active flight softwares like dRonin (http://dronin.org/).

News: AeroQuad Software v3.2 released! More...AeroQuad32 Flight Control Board v2 available! More...

Welcome to the AeroQuad Documentation!

This wiki is - just like the whole AeroQuad project - based on community work.
Please, feel free to contribute and extend this documentation to make it even more precise and complete. In order to create new content, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the desired area. Normal wiki articles belong to the "Documentation" area, books to the "Book" area, files and attachments to the "Images" area and personal feeds of specific wiki pages to the "Feeds" area.

Introduction: What is AeroQuad and why would you want to use it? If you're new to AeroQuad or Multicopters, our AeroQuad history and introduction is a great place to read up on the project.

AeroQuad32 (Baloo) Information

The AeroQuad32 (AQ32), or Baloo, is the latest and greatest hardware from the AeroQuad community. Released in the summer of 2012 (v1) and updated to version 2 (v2) in September 2013, it will be the standard platform for AeroQuad development for the foreseeable future.
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