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    Question Parallax vs Arduino

    So I will preface my question by stating that I am brand new to quad/multicopters, but want very badly to learn more and build my own in the process. I have a long way to go, but I found this site and it looks like it will help me immensely.

    My question is this: What are the most compelling reasons to go with Arduino over Parallax? I can see the advantage with a board like the Mega, and the shield option in the kits is nice, but on a technology level is one better suited for this than the other?

    I own an Arduino Uno and a couple Parallax boards (Badges from DEF CON 20), so I am wondering which gets to be used in my experiments. (Or do I bite the bullet and buy an Arduino Mega 2560?) :-) This site seems to lean towards the Arduino, but I also can't ignore the ELEV-8 and its kin.

    I don't want to start any flame wars, I really am looking for insightful information on going one way or the other.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The 8bit microcontrollers are going the way of the dodo - 32 bit is the new standard. Our flagship flight controller is based off the STM32F4 ARM Cortex M4.

    I haven't used a parallax microcontroller in years, but the reason people use Arduino so extensively is because it's very very easy to code for. I'm not sure if parallax has the same kind of IDE and whatnot. If you're familiar with c coding then just use whatever tickles your fancy, or look into a more powerful 32 bit system.
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    The actual flight controller will probably be one of the cheaper parts of your final build. If you've got a few spare dollars, I say get both and plan on giving us some feedback (and videos!) of the differences. I love comparison reviews like that.

    For over a year I've been planning on doing a comparison review of AeroQuad32, CC3D, Naza, Naze32, KK2.0, MultiWii and APM2.5. Maybe I should add a Parallax to the list!
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    This forum is generally flame war free, when people disagree, it gets discussed like adults.. Which is rare on the Internet
    This alone would be an advantage over other FC's.. Obviously though, asking here what's preferred, you're most likely to hear arduino.

    What Xtrmtrk said, a comparison would be great!
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