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    How to assign a channel to a switch? Spektrum DX6i Transmitter

    Hi guys,

    there's something I don't quite understand yet.
    When calibrating my transmitter (in acro mode, not heli mode) (a spektrum DX6i) using the configurator I see that one of my switches is on the transmitter is used for switching modes, and the sticks are used for throttle and all that. However the 6th channel (AUX1) is not used and I tried pressing all switches and button but nothing makes the transmitter send any values so no AUX values are detected.
    When I put the transmitter in heli mode, I do receiver AUX values but I never receive any mode values.
    Thus in either case, I can only use 5 of 6 channels. How can I make use of all six channels? Do I have to set up some settings in my transmitters ACRO mode or something? This is my first time using transmitters so...

    when I read some manuals in the wiki an found there, for example for the altitude hold mode:
    Moreover your transmitter/receiver combination must provide a sixth channel (connected to "AUX1" pin on the shield) which should be assigned to a 2-way switch on your transmitter. If the received value of this channel is under 1750, Altitude hold mode is switched on, otherwise it's off.

    How exactly do you assign a switch to a channel? Or how can I set that a switch is used for a different function? For example if I want to use GPS, how do I set that the 6th channel is used for turning on GPS rather than using it for altitude hold mode? I'm guessing not enabling altitude hold in the userconfiguration.h and enabling gps instead of enabling both of them at the same time if I only have 6 channels, but I'm not sure at all so...

    I'm sorry if these are stupid questions but I hope something can clear this out for me?

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    To see how the switch is assigned to ch6 you need to check the transmitters manual.

    For assigning things to channels you currently need to edit the code, however I have something in mind to make it all settable on the fly but that wont happen too soon maybe q1/2013

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    It's not a stupid question, the defaults settings are stupid !
    To have the 6th channel, stay in Airplane mode then go to "flaps" in the main menu. You have 2 row : NORM and LAND and 2 columns : FLAP and ELEV. Modify the FLAP value for any mode to have different values between the 2 modes. Don't touch to the ELEV column.
    For exemple in NORM, I have 0 and in LAND, I have 100 for the flaps.
    Now the "flap/gyro" stick is your 6th channel.
    By default, it's the same value for both mode so when you touch the stick, nothing happen.

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    Hi guys,

    thank you so much for your information! Very helpful!
    Cheers, Simon



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