A warm welcome

Welcome to the AeroQuad Open Source project! This particular tutorial will focus on providing most of the necessary information for the construction of an Arduino-based or STM32-based multicopter platform, referred to as an AeroQuad.

This manual was meant to help out the beginners in the AeroQuad community. If you need additional assistance ask your questions in the AeroQuad support forum at AeroQuad.com or visit our IRC channel. Good luck, stay safe, and have fun with your build.

Safety warning

Though there are not many questions about this and it is not mentioned much until something goes wrong, we feel it is our duty to mention this. The motors and propellers used here are not something to be joked around with. They are dangerous moving parts that can do some serious cutting and chopping damage if you are not careful. Under no circumstances are you to put the propellers on the motors until everything is checked out and tested to be working properly. This is something that can turn a nice day into something horrible, such as an emergency room visit or worse, so please be aware, and please do all of the testing outside, away from people as well. The authors of this tutorial will not be held responsible for any damage or injury done to or by the user. Please use safe engineering practices and common sense when working on such projects.