So last year around this time I built this:

I had an awesome time working on it. I also got a lot of support from aeroquad in getting this thing up in the air. I got a few flights in, but I had some arduino issues. I never came back to it as life got in the way. So now I'm charging my LiPo batteries again.

I ordered parts to build a prusa mendel reprap 3d printer.

Here is what it prints:

I can't wait to start redimensioning my quadrotor and printing some arms out. I think I can find ways to make this more stable, and even lighter. I think I might use some laser cut parts, but I want to stay away because its hard for me to get my hands on the laser cutter.

Also, if anybody wants anything printed (when I have my printer running) feel free to hit me up and I can probably print whatever you would like. I'll try to make as little profit as I can, but obviously I will charge for plastic and shipping

If i can find some money I think I might buy some more sensors such as a magnetometer, a barometer, and maybe even GPS.

I can't wait to get home and start getting the arduino back to life. Any experience of 3D printers, and any experience of 3D printers having to do with quadrotors is greatly appreciated.