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    Transmitter Calibration help.... Part 2

    I downloaded the new Configurator 3.02 an the new AQ Software 3.01, and attempted to try the transmitter calibration with this configurator. Here are the results:

    The Configurator doesn't show the blue dots as it performs the configuration, and I don't know why. The values for Yaw, Pitch, and Roll all stay at 0. Is this because I didn't set the receiver as a PPM receiver? The blue dots didn't show up on the screen, is that due to no communication between the TX and RX? the Configurator does through all the "setting default transmitter values" and then even finishes calibration, the only issue I have is that the blue dots wont appear, and the values all stay at 0. WHy is this?


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    Are the results any different when you define the PPM settings?

    Again, I don't think your receiver is a PPM receiver. I don't see anything on the Futaba website that would indicate it is a PPM receiver.

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    I used the PPM setting without the Futuba specialty PPM. Using that the blue dots did show up, howvever when i moved my sticks, the blue dots didn't move along with them until about 5 seconds after I finished moving to all the four corners of the sticks.

    Should I try using the Futuba specific PPM setting now?

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    I just tried it again, and the blue dots on the Configurator will not move UNTIL after I hit the OK Button to store the transmitter data. After I hit the button, all the previous actions I did before I hit that button occurred. Is this how its supposed to work?

    Im using a Futuba FP-R127DF with a SkySport 4 Channel. I have the Arduino MEGA 2560 and the AQ Shield 2.0v



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