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    To setup up the libraries correctly, open the Arduino IDE and check your sketchbook location which can be found under File ยป Preferences. Then close the Arduino IDE, copy the unzipped content of the AeroQuad software to your sketchbook location, restart the Arduino and open the AeroQuad.ino file. Now it should compile without errors.

    More information can be found in the wiki.

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    And of course, you did take the time to read this section carefully?

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    I originally had the AQ Library in the "Library" folder in the java section of the Arduino folder. When I did it like that it gave me the "out of scope" as the compilation error.

    A few minutes ago, I did as was suggested and added the AQ Library to the folder that Arduino Made for libraries. When I did that, the configurator didn't do anything and just gave me that "retry" pop-up box.

    What should I do next?

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    Its okay, I fixed it. The Library folder that the Arduino made was in the wrong place, the software uploaded

    Thanks guys!


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    I just encountered the same problem, turns out that if you don't select the correct board in the menu (Tools -> Boards), the compile process won't work correctly. (Took me a while to figure that one out). I just switched from an UNO board -> Arduino MEGA board.

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