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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate711 View Post
    OK. I believe the only things you need to set are in Aeroquad.pde if you are using 2.5.1 or in the Configuration file if you you are using 3.0. You need to use a level converter with the sensors, the 3.3v on the arduino isn't enough. I highly recommend getting the aeroquad shield, it makes setting things up MUCH easier. Maybe someone of the forums can send one to you... Does arduino say anything over serial like "gyro not found. accel not found" ?
    Hey Nate.I need to ask u one question.How can i solder my ITG3205 and ADXL335 onto the Aeroquad V1.9 shield??It seems that the shield is made only for BMA180 and ITG3200 only. Sigh..looks like i'm not going to b able to fly this thing after all..Coz i'm stuck on the filter and PID programming

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    You shouldn't need to do any filtering or PID programming.

    This tutorial shows how to connect the Wii gyro (ITG3205) to the shields.

    Not sure on the ADXL335, someone else here probably knows.

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