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    all Carbon Fiber quad (almost)

    I've been having tons of fun flying my smaller quads around that I've only flown my big quad 2x in the last 8 months.
    So I thought i'd rebuild it and make it big enough so that I can turn it into an X8 or even octo and then put my dslr on it and do some aerial photography

    for now, i'm sticking with just 4 motors so i can get a feel for how this flies, and then i'll add more motors.

    this frame is all carbon fiber and g10/fr4(motor mounts)
    I even turned my dremel and dremel drill press into a manual cnc machine to help cut the CF disks and arms. It worked out very well.

    motor to motor: 22inches
    weight(frame+motors+2200mah battery+8" gws 3blade props): 750g
    Estimated weight when its ready to fly: less than 900g

    now for the pictures:

    What do you guys think?
    I'm looking to get some 10mm x 10mm square aluminum tubing for the arms, I don't think the CF arms will work well under compression from the center plates and motor mounts.
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    It looks really nice! Whats the material you used on the center-plate?
    And the motor-mounts, why are they mounted like that? I see that a lot, but i don't really know why its done like that..

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    What motors are those?
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    The center plates are carbon fiber disks from ACP composites
    motor mounts are designed so I can attach 2 motors per arm, one on top and one on bottom. This is for a future upgrade to the quad where I will have 8 motors, 2 on each arm for an X8 configuration

    the motors are BP A2217-9 motors

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    here are some more pictures of the completed quad
    total weight without battery; 874g
    battery + camera is just over 1kg

    The camera mounted on the quad is a Veho Muvi HD7 only $100 on amazon and the video quality is amazing, its just as good as the gopro

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    Looking very nice and streamlined! Video now! :P
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    Looks very clean and nice!! But I wouldn´t use these small 3 blade props for that big quad - I would go for the regular eep 1045, with stronger motor the 1245

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    I have some 10x4.5 props that i'm going to put on before I fly, I just didn't feel like taking the 8" props off.

    First flight in about an hour. I need to debug my multiwii board and figure out why its not working anymore. I've got a feeling the wii sensors are bad.

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    Here is some onboard video from today's flight.
    I put the 10x4.5 props on it and it flies really well without tuning any pid values. I think some minor tuning will make it perfect.

    I should have cleaned the lens before i started the video, oh well, i guess i'll do another video tomorrow afternoon when its not getting dark outside.
    anyways, enjoy the video!

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    Here is another video from yesterday. it was pretty windy but the quad handles it pretty well.
    I still haven't done any pid tuning, I think i'll tune it a bit today

    This is the highest I have ever flown any of my quads, i think I can go higher but was scared the wind might take it away and land it on someone's roof.
    There is a big park not too far away, I think i'll take it there this weekend and really get it up high.

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