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    New to quadcopters.

    Hello everyone, I am a new member to this site and to quadcopters.
    My experience in RC flying is a basic one, flying 3 channel indoor helicopters for the the last couple of years.
    I had seen videos of quadcopters and thought " these look amazing but I could never hope to build one myself".
    I am fortunate to work with a colleague who has been flying RC planes for a good few years and after showing him a video he went away and came back with one he built. This took him about a week and a half and although his build was a basic one the end result made me so excited, especially after he let me fly it. He was really impressed with my ability especially considering I have no proper helicopter or aeroplane experience.
    I said his build was basic and here is a quick breakdown of what he has.
    Motors; 4x1050kv brushless motors
    ESC; 4x10amp 330x
    GYRO; GU344
    Battery pack is 5000mah 11.1v
    6 channel transmitter.
    His frame is a box section aluminium 10mm x 10mm with a span of 600mm( I believe ) and he has customized a home security dome as a protective cover for his electronics.
    I will take some pictures on Thursday when I get back to work but this system was extremely exciting to fly.
    I know this a really basic setup, but it flies, and in time I know I will add more electronics to it such as alt and position hold and who knows where it will end up.
    Sorry if my specs aren't very informative but I am really new to this so I am on a learning curve.
    Please feel free to post your comments or suggestions as to this setup it could and probably will prove helpful to both my work colleague and myself.

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