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    Used AeroQuad Cyclone frame and AeroQuad32 v2 flight control board

    Frame and flight control board for your custom quadrotor build!

    I purchased and built this quad a few years ago, and enjoyed flying it for some time. I have limited space to store RC kit and am getting into other vehicles, so I'd like to pass these along to a new owner.

    * frame with arms, core, and vibration-dampening connection ($125 on the AQ store)
    * motor mounts
    * landing gear ($20 on the AQ store by themselves. You will need nylon bolts or zip ties. I eventually switched to coat-hanger wire legs which provided softer landings, and am glad to throw those in too.)
    * power distribution board (one trace lifted)
    * flight control board: AeroQuad 32 v2 ($150 on the AQ store), with extra leads soldered on for running lights and two aux connections

    * There are some dents on the arms from hard landings, but they're still strong and near straight.
    * I crashed the quad into a river, which killed one of the ESCs. (No ESCs/motors/rx included.) After disconnecting the battery, rinsing, and drying everything out, however, the flight control board still responded to arming/disarming, throttle adjustment, and controlling running lights. Unfortunately as I'm missing an ESC I wasn't able to test by flying. I'm confident the FCB is OK, but want to be up front with its history.

    Description above is from my listing on eBay which also has more photos; please use that listing to purchase (I started the price at $55, which I think would be a pretty good price for either a frame or a flight control board individually!). Thanks for reading!
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