It is possible to have trouble while the drone is flying or landing. As it is a precise device, any tiny change would influence its flying status and longevity. Therefore, it is wise to prepare needed tools and carefully deal with the drone's failure.

1. spare bracket
the bracket is one of the most important components of flying the drone. Once it has trouble, the drone should land immediately and replace the original bracket with the spare one.

2. tool kit
Remember to prepare all kinds of tools that can fix all the possible troubles. Maybe your drone is too advanced to have trouble or there's a matched and attached tool kit when you buy the drone, but you still need to take a screw-drive.

3. soldering iron
while you would not take the soldering iron with you all the time, there would be not better than having a soldering iron when the electronic failure happens. Compared with the amateur, the professional pilots always take the soldering iron. However, if you have never used the soldering iron before, it's better to search help from your friends or watch the guide video.

4. spare battery
If your drone has available spare battery, please fully charge it.

The notes for the greenhands:
1. Please check whether the ground is spacious enough; whether your drone is in good condition; whether the switch of the remote control is flexible.
2. Keep your RC lipo battery be in full charge.
3. Keep your drone clean (How to clean drone, click here).
4. Do not fly the drone for too long.