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    Calm Morning Flight July 4th, 2016 on the shore of Lake Ontario, Rochester, NY, USA

    Flying my home-built Aeroquad quadcopter on a very calm July 4th morning on the south shore of Lake Ontario, Rochester, NY, USA.

    On the morning of July 4th, we awoke to beautiful dead-calm conditions on Lake Ontario (while staying at my in-laws' lake-shore cottage). It was a fabulous time for a flight of my home-built quadcopter.

    In the beginning of the flight the swallows nesting nearby were none-too-pleased about having this strange flying machine in their midst, and they proceeded to do a little aggressive close-up approaches to my quad. Look carefully and you will see them flitting about (starting around 0:35), and at about 0:45 into the video clip you will see slow motion of one of those swallows playing "chicken" with me! Once I got a little bit of altitude, they realized I was no threat to them and they disappeared once more.

    That's me flying the quad (beginning about 2:50) while standing in the water about 100 feet out from shore. I'm standing in about 3 feet of water. There are a series of sandbars going parallel to the shore and getting progressively deeper as you move away from the shoreline. During July 4th week, we could go to the 3rd sandbar out from shore and stand in chest-deep water, about 800 feet from the shore line. You will notice the lines of green seaweed lying on the bottom in the deeper water between the sandbars.

    Oh yes... about the landing... My battery alarm went off slightly ahead of when I was expecting it (I was still over the water), so I had to "hurry-up" my landing and set the craft down quickly while I still had enough "juice" to do so.

    Best viewed in full-screen mode, and 1080p high definition.

    Thanks for watching, and as usual... all my best to all in the Aeroquad community.

    Oh yes... if you cannot get full screen with the video above, you can watch it directly on YouTube here:


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