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    Cannot Upload flight software to Aeroquad 32 flight control board

    Hi everyone.

    I have had great success with my Aeroquad quadcopter Arduino Mega based. I have been flying it for over a year now and am very happy with it. I am now planning on building a hexacopter.

    I purchased an Aeroquad32 flight control board from the Aeroquad store about a year ago and am finally getting around to working with it. Today I have been attempting to upload flight software for a hexacopter. I have had no luck. I have read pretty extensively on the forum and on the aeroquad on-line manual. I am using Configurator v3.2. I am able to connect fine to the flight controller board which is pre-programmed for a quad-x. I can see vehicle status, 3d view, etc, etc, and communication with the board is fine.

    I am attempting to compile/upload flight software for a hexacopter.

    First, the configurator comes up pointing to the website http://aq32.aeroquad.com... which seems to be a broken link?? Reading farther I found the possible websitehttp://aeroquad.hautio.net/ which I then enter into the configurator upload window. I then get some kind of script error.

    So, going on my web browser to http://aeroquad.hautio.net/ (outside of the configurator) I believe I was able to configure and build my hexacopter flight software. The binary was 76k in size which looks on par with the default binaries I have seen. So I save my binary onto my desktop machine.

    Then with the configurator I selected "upload" and pointed to my binary file. The upload seems to take place instantaneously (which I read is NOT a good thing), and I got "success" messages for the upload. (both BLUE leds now lit on the flight control board -- unlike a blue and a green when connected to the board with the configurator). But, returning to the configurator and reconnecting, I still see the default Quad X configuration -- 4 motors etc.

    I would welcome any insights or suggestions for getting past this trouble.

    I am running windows 10 on my desktop PC. I also went through the "One Time Setup" included in the Aeroquad32Setup folder... Installed the virtual com port drive, put the board in DFUeMode (2 blue LEDS lit), and installed the USB driver.

    Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? Am I missing a piece of the puzzle, or am I doing something in the wrong order??

    Thanks a LOT for any help you can lend, and all my best to everybody on the forum and in the Aeroquad community!


    PS -- I have also tried the manual upload from a command (DOS) window and it seem to be "unable to open device" and seems to be stuck in the infinite loop that I see in the upload batch file.

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