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Thank you!

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Quote Originally Posted by crimsonlung View Post
Thank you everyone for the incredibly valuable input. Good to know I overspent and bought necessary parts (I will save them for another quadcopter because I am sure this wont be my only build)

Because of your replies, I purchased 3 more items:


Nylon Props

Power Distribution Board

I know I already had a power distribution board but this one seemed a lot more plug and play friendly and was suggested on a guide I was reading so I splurged.

So my frame came in and I put it together last night (getting excited). Also, my MultiWii came in. I would love to start plugging in the software but I have no idea where to start or what wires go where. I am not asking for anyone to show me where to connect things, but a website link would be great! I couldn't really find anything on Google about diagrams for my particular model. I did find these links on the MultiWii ebay sellers page:

 The main website of the owner of the MultiWii project is http://www.multiwii.com/
  The main RC groups thread where all discussions are held can be found  here, 
  Another very good post for initial set-up and basic questions from Shikra  can be found here , 
  The source code can be found on the google code repository here , 

Click image for larger version. 

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Editing because I found some help!:

So the above picture is what I have, I connected it, found the arduino website to download software, found a config file to upload, now I am editing the parameters in the config.h section. Here is where I am stuck, what is the best way to find out what board I should select? All the ebay site says that I bought this from is that its MWC (MWC MultiWii SE V2.5 Multirotor Multicopter Flight Controller)

/* if you use a specific sensor board:
   please submit any correction to this list.
     Note from Alex: I only own some boards
                     for other boards, I'm not sure, the info was gathered via rc forums, be cautious */
//#define FFIMUv1         // first 9DOF+baro board from Jussi, with HMC5843                   <- confirmed by Alex
//#define FFIMUv2         // second version of 9DOF+baro board from Jussi, with HMC5883       <- confirmed by Alex
//#define FREEIMUv1       // v0.1 & v0.2 & v0.3 version of 9DOF board from Fabio
//#define FREEIMUv03      // FreeIMU v0.3 and v0.3.1
//#define FREEIMUv035     // FreeIMU v0.3.5 no baro
//#define FREEIMUv035_MS  // FreeIMU v0.3.5_MS                                                <- confirmed by Alex
//#define FREEIMUv035_BMP // FreeIMU v0.3.5_BMP
//#define FREEIMUv04      // FreeIMU v0.4 with MPU6050, HMC5883L, MS561101BA                  <- confirmed by Alex
//#define FREEIMUv043     // same as FREEIMUv04 with final MPU6050 (with the right ACC scale)
//#define PIPO            // 9DOF board from erazz
//#define QUADRINO        // full FC board 9DOF+baro board from witespy  with BMP085 baro     <- confirmed by Alex
//#define QUADRINO_ZOOM   // full FC board 9DOF+baro board from witespy  second edition       <- confirmed by Alex
//#define ALLINONE        // full FC board or standalone 9DOF+baro board from CSG_EU
//#define ATAVRSBIN1      // Atmel 9DOF (Contribution by EOSBandi). requires 3.3V power.
//#define SIRIUS          // Sirius Navigator IMU                                             <- confirmed by Alex
//#define SIRIUS600       // Sirius Navigator IMU  using the WMP for the gyro
//#define MINIWII         // Jussi's MiniWii Flight Controller
//#define CITRUSv2_1      // CITRUS from qcrc.ca
//#define CHERRY6DOFv1_0
//#define DROTEK_10DOF    // Drotek 10DOF with ITG3200, BMA180, HMC5883, BMP085, w or w/o LLC
//#define DROTEK_10DOF_MS // Drotek 10DOF with ITG3200, BMA180, HMC5883, MS5611, LLC
//#define DROTEK_6DOFv2   // Drotek 6DOF v2
//#define DROTEK_6DOF_MPU // Drotek 6DOF with MPU6050
//#define MONGOOSE1_0     // mongoose 1.0    http://www.fuzzydrone.org/
//#define CRIUS_LITE      // Crius MultiWii Lite
//#define CRIUS_SE        // Crius MultiWii SE


So I guess I was trying to connect to the flight controller with arduino software (I'm an idiot). Ok, so I guess I have to wait for my arduino to come in and then program the software with that. I am assuming that I will use the "Crius MultWii SE", it's the closest matching to any of those in the list.

So my question remains, how do I plug all this stuff together? Is there a diagram I can follow somewhere? I am at a loss as to what wires go where.

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