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  1. WAFQuad Specs

    Software: 2.1_Beta, Mods for Transmitter Aux Switches & LED strips
    Electronics: Mega,V2.0.6 shield, Accel, Gyro & Baro, XBee 60mW. Mag & GPS soon.
    Motors: Turnigy 2217 860k, Turnigy 30A Plush ESC (unmodified), APC 12x3.8 props
    Frame: Custom, .5" towel bars, PVC motor mounting blocks, plywood hub.
  2. $15 Transmitter Modification: Replacing AUX or MODE VRs with discrete switch inputs

    When developing and debugging new features I often have a need to command the quad in real-time to turn something on or off. Stable mode is a good example. The standard AeroQuad distribution uses the Transmitter's "Mode" input to select stable mode. If the variable resistor on the transmitter is turned up more than half way, stable mode is activated. Similarly, heading hold is activated using the AUX input.

    But what if there are other mutually exclusive features that need enabling ...

    Updated 12-19-2010 at 03:31 PM by wilafau

  3. AeroQaud Arduino Mega Pin Mappings

    I put together a Arduino Mega / AeroQuad Shield PIN/Function mapping table. This has not yet been double checked for accuracy.

    Google Docs Spreadsheet: AeroQuad Mega Pins