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02-24-2012, 05:18 AM

Just a while ago, I read a story at /. about how some people are using FPV (Ardupilot) for conservation work similar to what I had been trying (not yet accomplished) to do for a while to document and survey the movement of an endangered tribe with only 59 left on the remote foothills of Himalayas (discussion (http://aeroquad.com/showthread.php?3419-Wanted-An-FPV-tri-quad-hexa-copter-in-Working-Condition&p=33376&viewfull=1#post33376)).

The story is discussed at http://idle.slashdot.org/story/12/02/23/2345221/remote-controlled-planes-used-for-wildlife-conservation as follows:

"Conservationists have converted a remote-controlled plane into a potent tool for conservation. The drone — an HK Bixler equipped with cameras, sensors and GPS — has been used to map deforestation, count orangutans and elephants, and get a bird's eye view of hard-to-access forest areas. During their 4 days of testing in Sumatra, the drone flew 30 missions without a single crash. A mission, which typically lasts about 25 minutes, can cover 50 hectares. The drone, full equipped, costs less than $2,000."

The story is also linked to a youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOm9v0Ewcek) which details as follows:

Autopilot drone flying a transect

Background: Autopilot drone developed by a team of ecologists and software developers for forest monitoring, real-time land use mapping, and biodiversity conservation. This is part of a series of field tests in a remote forest area in Sumatra, Indonesia. The plane is fully autopilot, except when landing (due to a small landing area).

Autopilot system is based on ArdupilotMega developed by an open-source community at http://diydrones.com.
The plane is a low cost Hobbyking Bixler RC model.
Camera system is a GoPro Hero HD (version 1).

#1: Logging transect, http://youtu.be/IOm9v0Ewcek
#2: Orangutan search, http://youtu.be/hXTbJA-304k
#3: River mission, http://youtu.be/4icq_takJLw

Logging Transect:


Orangutan Research:


River Mission:



PS: Due to some health reasons, I could not be so active with the community since July 2011. I indeed miss this forum and very helpful community, particularly Honk, Chris, Mikro and others, during this period! If I missed someone, my apology. ;-) FYI, I am not associated in any way with any projects discussed above except The Human Ape (http://thehumanape.org) project, discussed in this thread (http://aeroquad.com/showthread.php?3419-Wanted-An-FPV-tri-quad-hexa-copter-in-Working-Condition&p=33376&viewfull=1#post33376). I am mentioning this to avoid flame war!