View Full Version : Bob Sponge Quad

12-09-2011, 08:46 PM
So, earlier this year I started, as a university project, a quadrotor build.

After almost a year of strugle the build was complete. My partner and I developed all of the quadrotor structure, electronics and firmware. We did not use the aeroquad firmware, nor the arduino library. We developed our own control board and remote control.

We wanted to create a independent quadrotor platform. Objective partially acomplished:


I know the quad is only marginally stable, but that is only the result of using already damaged motors and not precisely tuned PID gains.

I am going further on this project. My main objective is to use the quadrotor as a platform for advanced modelling and control techniques.

I am already designing the next control board, it will use a 32-bit mcu from atmel, with plenty of peripherals and processing power. GPS will be supported, plus I am adding extre I2C, SPI connections and a 16 bit ADC for different sensors that will be added to better control the quadrotor.

Another very important point, I will model the quadrotor on Inventor software to extract important parameter for mathematical models and simulations. With these I can choose the correct propellers, motors e materials for the quadrotor structure.

Edit: The quad's name is only a joke about the yellow sponge used for vibration dampening. I think you can see it on the video.