View Full Version : Grande-Vallee, most beautiful town in Gaspesie, see from the sky

10-02-2011, 01:46 PM
Just came back from some cool vacation from the town where I grow up.

I did a lot of FPV with my Y6... Ok, I still have a lot of vibration, making some rolling shutter... have to find a way to fix it... still, I have pass my 300m barrier... been far than 440 meter and I would have go far if I did not have all those vibration issue with some lean, that why I take some break sometime to calibrate.




I also take a couple of shut with the Bixler, finally going very well. not quad, but, still interesting I believe, mostly with the height I can go



I switch the GoPro and use the DX201, a so good camera for FPV, but, can't record on it, to I grab the video downlink here. Currently I can go far away with the video link than the radio signal

this is on 900Mhz, 800Mw, with Patch, so, I loose some signal when too much on the side and have some weird interference I can't explain.


and the last one, again some video feed on DX201, but, with 1.2Ghz 1w transmitter and a rubber duck antenna. I have a better signal and I go so high.


10-02-2011, 07:44 PM
Very beautiful area! Love to see the horizon! How far did you go away with the Y6? Seemed very far away and a little close to the power/telephone lines. Didn't those cause any interference?

And wow, you really took the Bixler up high! No real airplane trouble, like some maximum altitude you can fly at? You must have hit 500m or something?

Nice flights! Must have been a great vacation!

10-02-2011, 09:05 PM
Not that far with the Y6, may be about 500m max and not much interference with power line, there is a lot of those, but I have not it any one of those the entire week. That 1.2Ghz 1W lawmate is really impressive...

That was pretty cool with the bixler, and I was really high, don't know the real height! I did not lost any video signal on the 1.2, but, I'm pretty sure I lost some radio signal and have been lucky enough to get it back, the receiver is one of those orange receiver for Futaba :)

There is not really some plane passing near or low, too much mountain! I believe we are not supposed to pass 400m in height here in Canada... but, I'm not really aware of the legislation. But, I'm pretty sure that I was higher than 400m from the see level at some point :)

That was some really nice vacation!

I crash the bixler a couple of time before to get it right. the entire queue have been cut! Gorrilla glue fixed it!

Only broke one prop on the Y6, but, I had a severe crash on the last shoot, and broke 2 motors. that it. so, not much damage for that much of flight! I may get better! So, yeah, that was some pretty cool vacation!

10-03-2011, 06:46 PM
nice! can't wait to go on vacation myself :)

Love how you are able to cover the whole town