View Full Version : JJ-copter Mk4.2 - Improved Altitude Hold (no Baro)

07-04-2011, 11:54 PM
Today I had quite strong wind on the back of my home and I decided to test the zAcc Altitude Control Mode. I think the result is quite good :). The quad stay in a range of less than 1 mt for 24 sec in a very difficult air condition (in a calm air i tested more than 1 min in a range of 30 cm). Actualy I have no baro mounted, I'm testing stand alone a BMP085 that I plan to add to this function with the capability to "lock" altitude. (e.g. in the autonomous flight (GPS) ).


This feature is an alternative to my old "Attidude Based zStabilizer" but it doesn't substitute it. The pilot may chose the old one if it desire more feeling in throttle control, or the new if it fly in difficolt condition or has low skills in altitude control.

Some main features:

The JJ-zAcc Altitude control act in a range of +- 125 Throttle PWM around Hovering Throttle.
The Hovering Throttle is calculated dynamicaly and continously centered (no need to pre configure Hovering Throttle :) )