View Full Version : Maiden video from not so sunny Cheshire in the UK

02-13-2011, 09:35 AM
Hi guys.

My AeroQuad made its maiden flight yesterday and what a hoot!

The AeroQuad had its initial PID values set for both aerobatic and stable modes by hovering it (hands on) in my office , shaking it in various ways and tuning with the configurator until it felt stable. To then go outdoors and on it’s maiden flight have it actually flyable is testament to the quality work that’s gone on beforehand;- so a big thank you to all who contributed.

The configurator is an excellent tool that greatly simplifies the setup. Sure my quad still oscillated in stable mode – but it flew on first attempt. That’s got to be a big plus.
Here’s it’s stats:-

Prop shaft distance: 710 mm
Flying weight: 1.5 Kg
Motors: Turnigy 2217 1050kv
ESC: 20 Amp
Current consumption:

Full bore: 68 Amp
Hover: 17 Amp

So hovering about I’m pulling 4.25 Amps per ESC/motor.

Flight software version 2.2.
Configurator version: 2.6.
Sensors: BMP085 Baro pressure, BMA180 accelerometers, ITG3200 Gyros, HMC5843 magnetometer.
Sheild: V2
CPU: Arduino Mega2560

I still have a problem with one ESC shutting down during flight. I’ve subsequently rechecked the ESC battery type and uprated the power cables to eliminate them. Looking forward to another days tuning and flying, if only the 18 MPH winds would die down.

Maiden video is here: Via YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfdBjq4fGo8)