View Full Version : Lokling learning to fly in HD

09-16-2010, 07:18 AM
First video with the new Gopro. My third flight, and still with 1.7.1 "Wii good" + Default PID settings. With hard effort I even managed a few crashes ;-)

Ive tried to edit it together so it wont be so boring.

About vibration: This is without any vibration dampening other than what comes natural from the frame. The sensors are in the top of the electronics box, and the camera is mounted using gaffers tape ;-)

Yaw is not working good for me at the momemt - need to tune that. I loose/gain altitude as I rotate.


09-16-2010, 06:25 PM
Looks very stable, grattis! Funny little piece of grass you got stuck in the front left arm :)

I'll have to get these alu tubes, seems good for crashing, and as we all know we do that a lot hehe. Nice landing in the end picture! Wasn't it scary flying that high for your first time?

What bugs me is that I too have that descent/ascent at strong yaw! I think the only way to correct for it is using the ACC/BARO for altitude (Accelerometer Z) and when I tried it actually helped a lot.

The GoPro seems so very good in vibration dampening! If you would mount any usual compact cam on it like you do with the GoPro, I'm sure you would have a LOT more vibrations in the picture. I tried before without a lot of foam, and it was just a big blurr!

Too bad I study and don't have a lot of money. If I had, I would buy a GoPro and a set of Xbees and a new compass sensor and additional barometers straight away!... And some nice frame material....

09-16-2010, 07:37 PM
Takk :-) I was counting on someone commenting on the grass sticking out hehe.. and yes, scary flying that high - at least in the relative narrow path between the house and the trees. This is behind our flat and normally theres no traffic or children in this area, so ideal for testing. At max altitude it was a bit scary, I had to focus and to trust that the quad wasnt drifting or tilting, and only give minimal input on the stick - my instinct was to do more correction, but that would have caused a crash for sure.

The crashes were more at lower altitude - I try to push myself and the quad to do a bit of aggressive flying to learn how it reacts when not stable. I figure I need that at some point to avoid crashing into that pond ;-) Also I figure that every crash exposes some weakness I can work on.

About the yaw/altitude problem its sort of assuring to hear Im not the only one. Ive been speculating that one of the propeller pairs have less lift per rpm for some reason - say different production series; so that depending if this pair speeds up or slows to accomplish the yaw then the altitude is affected. If so I think the ratio could be a parameter - maybe auto-tuned on the basis of barometer readings? The other wild guess is that it has to do with wind + yaw movement producing more lift on one pair of props? If so I cant see any other solution than using a barometer to do alt hold.

The GoPro was actually a birthday gift in advance from my fiance :-) She hasn't been too enthusiastic about me testing the quad indoors and me spending every evening with the build, but seeing the video result she was quite impressed. She suggested I should fly it at her sisters wedding, which I wont. Havent shown her your pictures yet obviously ;-)